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If you've been following us on Instagram you will have seen our latest posts regarding RUOK? day.

R U OK? Day is a National Day of action in Australia to support those struggling ‘with life’.

A national day to encourage social connection, and starting a conversation which could protect and prevent suicide.

And to keep that conversation going.

RUOK? has a wonderful website, and I encourage each of you to visit this.  It is filled with information, resources and strategies to assist both yourself and a loved one with the dark struggles of life.  It is both informative and helpful, not only around strategies in opening up the dialogues of RUOK? but how to continue the conversation.

COVID-19 has affected every single one of us.  Each in our own personal way.  

It has changed the way we live our lives, how we go about our day, how we handle normal "stressors".  And for some, complete social isolation.

This can make you feel alone, and vulnerable.

And the strategies you may have used to cope with your normal anxieties, stressors and stresses,  may no longer be appropriate or effective for you, or some-one you care about.

So , right now, asking these 3 simple words, RUOK? is more important than ever.  And asking yourself those 3 simple words, and recognising your own struggles is just as important.

As is knowing you are not alone, and where and how to seek help, such as LIFELINE.  


We, like 89% of Australians, have been personally touched and affected by suicide.

And we feel it is more important than ever right now to reach out and start the conversation, and not just on one national day.  But each and everyday..

💛Ask it.

💛Text it

💛Message it.. just start it!

To remind everyone, and to keep this at the forefoot, we have designed an RUOK? collection of dog harnesses and face masks to help ‘start the conversation’.

We call it our ‘wear it and share it’ campaign.

To wear a mask and start a conversation.

Wear a harness and raise awareness.

And we will be donating $5 from every RUOK? mask or harness ordered to help fund programs, counsellors, telephone support and research into suicide prevention.

PLUS: for 4 days, between Thursday 10th September and Monday 14th, we will also be donating $5 for EVERY mask order placed during this period.

And with over 150 designs, including our new Christmas collection, you are sure to find a mask which is as individual as you are!

We call it our ‘wear it and share it’ campaign.

To wear a mask and start a conversation.

Wear a harness and raise awareness.

Thank-you for your ongoing support.

Love woofs and waggles,

Mummy J, Jasper & Winnie Poohs,

and the Funky Fido team 


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