PLEASE BARE WITH US.. Our NEW website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.... and we will be RELAUNCHING very soon!
PLEASE BARE WITH US.. Our NEW website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.... and we will be RELAUNCHING very soon!
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What a crazy time....and a mask update!

AFL Mask

Thank you for your patience and understanding with the higher than usual wait times experienced in both mask production and delivery these past 2 weeks.

Due to increased demand, we have now employed 3 staff and are working around the clock, 20hrs a day, and will ship most outstanding orders by Monday, or middle of this week.

And the good news is the current mask production is now approx 3- 5 days

Much of the delay related to critical shortages of materials used to produce our products, with some products unexpectedly being cancelled by the manufacturer. 

Several of our manufacturers ‘let us down’ when they did not supply us with the materials ordered over 5 weeks ago.

This expected delivery directly affected our customers (in particular 3 AFL teams- Sydney, Carlton and North Melbourne), as this fabric was now out of stock.

Australia, and the world, has also had a critical shortage of elastic.

We have now received delivery of a substantial quantity of ribbon and materials.

And with the addition of our 2 new experienced ‘sewers’ and courier.. to manage flow of materials and products between each of our residence (complete business lockdown in Melbourne).. we are so very pleased to announce we are back on track, and ‘got you covered’!

For more info on existing orders and delivery, click here!

We are a small but very proud and honest business.

We are also humans, mums and daughters, brothers and fathers... all trying to make adjustments and changes in this global pandemic.

Our priority is both your and our safety.

We work within COVID-19 guidelines, and COVID free homes.

We understand the urgency of orders and the anxiety in receiving them, and please know we are doing everything possible to produce products of the highest standard.

Thanks again.

Please follow COVID guidelines, and be kind to yourself, And one another.

Love woofs and waggles

Juls & the funky team

Funky Fido


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