Here at Funky Fido all our designs are original.

We design, create and handcraft every item.. and each is rigorously "Westie Tested" by CEO Jasper and his little sister, Winnie.

Choosing the correct size collar or harness is crucial to achieving correct fit, and therefore correct purpose.

Collar and harness sizing can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer.

Just as one brands’ "small" differs from another brands "small" in human clothing, such is the case with a dog's collar or harness.

To ensure the proper fit, measure your dog with a soft tape measure/ ruler for accurate measurement.


Funky Fido collars are handcrafted, quadruple stitched, machine washable and fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for your Fido.

Quality Australian made webbing, strong buckles and a welded dee ring covers the nuts & bolts safety.. but what about the funk!


Funky Fido is just that- so please browse our collection of funky ribbon designs which are sure to turn heads and complement every mood, every accessory and everyday.

Choosing just one may be your only dilemma! 




Funky Fido Martingale/ Training collars are designed, handcrafted and “Westie Tested” by us!

Our Martingales are designed to help provide greater control over your Fido on walks.  And also for dogs that typically have a larger neck than head, whereby traditional collars tend to ‘slip off”.

Made with 2 loops- a larger webbing loop & stainless steel smaller loop (with stainless steel Dee ring).  The larger webbing loop slips over Fidos neck. A leash is clipped to the stainless steel dee ring.

When Fido tries to pull, the tension on the leash pulls the smaller loop taut, which makes the larger (and softer) webbing loop tighter on the neck, preventing the collar from slipping off Fidos neck, but also reminding him/ her to stop pulling to release the tightening.

The “chink” noise created as the smaller stainless steel loop tightens is also an effective audible training reminder for Fido to “back off” and stop pulling.

Our Martingales are designed to be used in conjunction with training principles, so owners can gain greater control of their Fido, regardless of their size. 

Handcrafted, quadruple stitched, machine washable and fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for your Fido

If there is any uncertainty about your dogs size, please message/ text/ email us.. We'd be happy to help!