Adult Twin Pack:

  • 2 X Adult Cotton Face Masks with MERV-13 filter

“MERV” Cotton face mask with filter

COVID-19, the coronavirus, is a highly contagious disease which has infected over 1 million people worldwide and devastatingly killed over 56,000 people.  

These numbers are increasing daily, and every single member of our community and family is at risk.

Strict social distancing laws are in place to “flatten the curve”, with home isolation and entire city lockdowns in place.

What IS KNOWN is the following:

🦠Illnesses such as COVID-19 infect people via both direct contact as well as airborne/transmission.

🦠COVID-19 is so contagious, because it has NEVER existed before. 

🦠This means NO-ONE has immunity, or any natural protection from it. 

🦠COVID-19 lasts up to 4hrs on copper surfaces, 24hrs on cardboard, and 3 days on stainless steel and plastic.

🦠If someone has the virus, and coughs/ sneezes droplets onto something you then touch, or they have the virus on their hands from touching their face or mouth, and touch something you then touch, that could be a way to contrast the disease.

🦠Most effective means to prevent transmission: Social distancing, washing your hands with warm soapy water and AVOID touching your nose/ mouth/ eyes as they are possible pathways for the virus to enter your body


🦠Latest studies by MIT found that coronavirus particles were detected in the air for an average of 2.7hrs 

🦠Large respiratory droplets from a cough or sneeze can travel up to 6 feet (2 metres)

🦠Small respiratory droplets can travel up to 27 feet (8 metres)


  • Face masks ARE a proven barrier to respiratory droplets.
  • Studies have estimated face masks provide 5 times more protection than NO barrier, and this protection increases with fine particle filtration.
  • Austria has mandated face masks to be worn in supermarkets, and countries including Germany and the USA are encouraging all residents to wear face masks when they are in public, or when around those who may be suspected of carrying the virus or are unwell.
  • NOTHING can guarantee protection from this virus, but putting up as many barriers to prevent the virus from “jumping to you”, including isolation, hand washing and face masks, will reduce your risk of catching, or spreading, this deadly virus.

WHY would I need a mask if I have self isolated myself and my family at home?

This virus WILL continue until a cure or vaccine is available.

Estimates are between 6months, to 18 months!

In this time, how do you protect yourself if you have to leave your home to purchase items from a supermarket or pharmacy? 

You need to seek medical assistance for a chronic or an acute in-related illness or injury? 

You, or someone you are caring for, are elderly, have a weakened immune system or are having treatment for cancer. 

Someone in your home requires “quarantine” yet you must still live in the same home.

Many scenarios exist.

Because of these scenarios, and that disposable face masks are in extremely limited supply, and MUST be prioritised to health professionals and workers on the “front line”, we have researched and designed a reusable cotton face mask with a MERV-13 fine particle filter.

Let us introduce you to MERV!!

Designed and made in AUSTRALIA.

Our ‘MERV’ protective face masks are re-usable and have a MERV-13 fine particle filter.

The mask itself is a double layered cotton barrier which forms a snug but comfortable fit over your nose, mouth and chin.

Elastic straps hold it securely to your head.

A ‘pocket’ exists between the outer and inner cotton mask layers where the MERV-13 filter sits snugly.

Production safety is our absolute PRIORITY- produced in a home which follows the most stringent isolation techniques.

Masks will be shipped in a sealed inner cellophane bag.

When received by postal service, discard outer shipping envelope.

What is MERV-13?

  • MERV-13 (Minimum Efficiency Reporting Value) filters >90% of fine particles, equal to that of P2 and N95 disposable mask filter systems.
  • MERV-13 is a 100% synthetic medium which filters sub-micron airborne particles.
  • It is effective, and can be used, for up to 12 months.


An information sheet will be included with all orders.

Instructions will outline: 

  • correct technique for placing your mask on your face (no contamination technique)
  • Washing instructions- outer cotton masks are 100% machine washable (placed inside a bra bag), and when dried in sunlight, effectively sanitised.
  • Links to websites which provide information regarding effective hand washing and best practice barrier techniques 

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We design, create and handcraft every item.. and each is rigorously "Westie Tested" by CEO Jasper and his little sister, Winnie.

Choosing the correct size collar or harness is crucial to achieving correct fit, and therefore correct purpose.

Collar and harness sizing can vary greatly from manufacturer to manufacturer. Just as one brands "small" differs from another brands "small" in human clothing, such is the case with a dog's  collar or harness.

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Handcrafted, quadruple stitched, machine washable and fully adjustable to ensure the perfect fit for your Fido

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There are three sizes for the MERV Masks...child, regular adult and large adult.
Please refer to the images below for the measurements...



CUSTOM SIZE MASKS can be made for infants, children or adults.
I am a small Australian business owner. 
Information provided is based on personal research, and experience living with a life threatening illness which severely compromises my immune system.
And therefore, should not be considered as MEDICAL ADVICE, purely suggestion.
The MERV mask was initially designed as a product to protect myself, but due to the shortage in availability of masks, and requests from concerned members of our community, I have made it available to purchase.