Update 9/8/2020

Thank you for your patience and understanding with the higher than usual wait times experienced in both mask production and delivery these past 2 weeks.

We have employed 3 staff and are working around the clock, 20hrs a day, and will ship most outstanding orders by Monday, or middle of this week.

New sales: current mask production is approx 3- 5 days

Much of the delay related to critical shortages of materials used to produce our products, with some products unexpectedly being cancelled by the manufacturer. 

Several of our manufacturers ‘let us down’ when they did not supply us with the materials ordered over 5 weeks ago.

This expected delivery directly affected our customers (in particular 3 AFL teams- Sydney, Carlton and North Melbourne), as this fabric was now out of stock.

We have attempted to get in touch with all customers whose chosen mask fabric is no longer available.

Customers who purchased masks from these teams will be compensated with a mask from the new AFL guernsey is waterproof range, plus an additional mask free of charge for their inconvenience.

If we have been unable to contact you, we apologise again, and will be sending out 2 masks to apologise for this manufacturing shortfall that has been out of our control.

Australia, and the world, has also had a critical shortage of elastic.

We have now received delivery of a substantial quantity of ribbon and materials.

And with the addition of our 2 new experienced ‘sewers’ and courier.. to manage flow of materials and products between each of our residence (complete business lockdown in Melbourne).. we are so very pleased to announce we are back on track, and ‘got you covered’!

Shipping Info:

ALL purchases are sent with Australia Post Express Post.

All parcels are now placed in the Dingley Village Express Post bin (not lodged over the counter) Each express post item has a tracking number which I have available if you require.

Australia Post currently advises that items sent via Express Post should arrive at your supplied address within 1- 5 days of being posted.

IF you have NOT received your parcel after 5 days of being notified via email from the Funky team that your items have been shipped.. please contact us.

We assume once posted, your parcel will and has been delivered you.

If it HAS NOT, we are unaware of this unless you let us know.

And if Australia Post fails to scan the tracking number on your parcel, we have no way of locating your parcel- sadly this is the case with 15 parcels recently.

Again, this is completely out of our control.

Update 29/7/2020

The COVID-19 Pandemic has caused much disruption and anxiety across the globe.

We understand the urgency of your order and are working as fast as we can to process this.

However the pandemic has not only caused much anxiety across the globe, but an enormous strain on industry, including the availability and supply of ‘materials’ we use to make your mask.

We design our masks with 3 layers, an outer cotton or water-resistant fabric, an inner cotton layer, as well as a MERV-13 filter (quality fine particle filter). In addition to this is a quality “fold over elastic” to comfortably secure the mask to your face.

We will not compromise the quality of our masks by ‘skipping’ any part of this process, or using inferior products which could decrease the effectiveness in protecting you from this devastating virus.

We have had an overwhelming demand for our masks, due to their superior protection and comfort (and their “funk”!), and advised of an approximate 10 day processing time on our website, which we have in most cases been able to fulfil until now.

We have been working around the clock, sourcing these highly sought after materials, and then sewing and dispatching your mask via express post when completed.

However, our chain of supply is also being extended by upwards of 2 weeks. This significantly impacts our ability to produce the masks. For example, if the elastic we purchased 2 weeks ago, with an expected delivery in 2 days, takes 10 days to arrive to me, this will and does impact your order.

We are all impacted by this devastating virus, and the additional stressors it has caused in our lives.

We believe communication and honesty are vital ingredients right now, and ask that you bear with us as we are working to help provide the greatest level of face mask protection we can.. oh with a bit of funk added in there!

Until you receive your mask, please continue to use disposable PPE masks, scarves or other face coverings, and observe the advice of social distancing, hand washing and staying home.

We have added 4 staff members in the last 2 weeks, and are doing all we possibly can to expedite these to you.

We are only expecting to need a few more additional days to finish your order (approx 2wk processing from order date), but, if you can’t “bear with us” just a little longer, please let us know. 

We will cancel your order and issue a refund....we will be sad to lose you.

Thank you again for your patience and understanding in these worrying times.

Please stay safe, and follow the guidelines.

Kind regards

Juls (& the Funky Fido team)

Update 22/7/2020

We understand the urgency of processing your order, and are working as fast as we possibly can to ship it out to you.


Each 3 layer filtered mask is hand-crafted in Melbourne by a small team of people who are passionate about providing a quality mask that will help protect you and your loved ones.

We will not substitute quality.

Due to an overwhelming demand, and difficulty sourcing some materials to produce the masks, processing time is approximately 10 days.

We are working as fast as we can to Express Post your mask/s to you.

Until you receive your mask, when out in public, please use a disposable mask available from many shops, or even a scarf to cover your nose and mouth.

AND follow social distancing recommendations, including hand washing.


Your mask will be shipped via Express Post, and you will be notified as soon as it is posted. Australia Post is also experiencing high demand, and have advised that Express Post can take up to 3 days (and regular post up to 10 days).

Shipping times are out of our control.


Your mask will arrive in a sealed bag from a COVID free home. Instructions for correct fitting and washing will be included. Masks should be washed every day.

Please send photos of yourself wearing a Funky Fido mask to:

funkyfido@outlook.com or #wearitdontshareit and upload to Facebook or Instagram.

Each week we will choose the 2 “best” or most creative photos, and send them a FREE mask!

Please follow us on Instagram: updates on masks and information regarding COVID are posted on our Instagram site daily (including any delays)

Instagram: @funkyfidos

Thank you again for your purchase.

Please stay safe, and protect yourself and those around you:

WEAR it, don’t SHARE it.

We need to get back to work sewing now!


(Director, Funky Fido)