Harry Pawter

Late last year Jasper was visited by Dumblepaws.. revealing "you're a Wuzzard Jazzy".

"What's a Wuzzard, Dumblepaws"?

A wizarding dog with magical pawers!

He had been leading a life as a Wuggle (non wizarding dog for the past 10 years), and always suspected there was just something different about him.

So, he set off on an adventure to HogPawts, to join his new kennel and play his first match of Woofitch for GriffinPaws.

Little did he know that Lord VolderPawt and his CoonBeasts had escaped from Woofkaban.

So Jazzy Pawter assembled an almighty pack, with all 4 kennels uniting to defend against the CoonBeasts.

GriffinPaws, HuffleWoof, BrindleClaw and even Schnauzerin, formed an alliance with the Order of the Pugs...

BUT.. they required body armour to protect them from the most dreadful of curses.. the Unforgivable Bark.

Do not fear.. we have collaborated with Woofs and Hounds and developed a formidable range of harnesses, collars and leashes which all come with FREE protection spells.  And a special Key Fob for your hooman.. 

Protection leash to defend against Lord VolderPawt? We've got you covered with 4 fabulous designs, wether you're a Wuzzard...
Protection collar to defend against Lord VolderPawt? We've got you covered, with 6 designs in 4 sizes, to protect...
Body armour to defend against Lord VolderPawt? We've got you covered, with 12 designs in 4 sizes, to...