Countries Face Masks


“We’re all in this together” 
so lets stand together as one and fight this virus & support one another

COVID-19 face mask protection 

This collection showcases designs which are at the patriotic hearts of individuals, who are part of bigger communities, and entire nations

You may be in lockdown, in isolation, or away from family and friends.. but remember you are NEVER alone.  You will always be part of a larger community- reach out and let others reach you

  • Gorgeous selection of quality fabrics, including a large Australiana collective  
  • MERV-13 hospital grade filter middle layer and soft cotton inner fabric layer in EVERY mask
  • Soft elastic 'head straps'- no "dumbo ears", headaches, or pressure points.
  • Breathable, comfortable, 4 sizes, Made in AUSTRALIA, machine washable
  • Maximum virus protection: each mask EXCEEDS WHO minimal COVID-19 mask recommendations 

KIDS (8yrs) 
TEEN (9-15yrs)   
REGULAR ADULT (fits 90% of adults)
LARGE ADULT (larger size adult,or facial hair)

SHIPPING : ALL ORDERS are shipped via Express Post


 Funky Fido 
Quality filtered face masks helping protect you and your loved ones 




    WALLABY FACE MASK Ultimate COVID-19 mask protection "We're all in this together"- neighbours, friends, loved ones. One world, many...