PLEASE BARE WITH US.. Our NEW website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.... and we will be RELAUNCHING very soon!
PLEASE BARE WITH US.. Our NEW website is UNDER CONSTRUCTION.... and we will be RELAUNCHING very soon!
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Welcome to our new website!

You’ve got pee mail!

Now that we have your attention.. we want you to have a sniff around our NEW website.  But firstly we want to get personal.. the pants off, running nakey through grass, looking for mud, rolling in poop kind of personal!

First and foremost, we are dog people!

We live, breathe and love our four legged furiends, companions and soul-mates.  We love the tiny teacup Chihuahua, to the feisty and stubborn Westie, to the baying Bloodhound, or the towering English Mastiff.

And we believe that your dog should not only look good, but should be wearing correctly fitting dogwear, for both their comfort and safety.

To us its simple…our furiend Dobbie the Dachshund is not the same size as Suzy the Staffie.

BUT.. they “traditionally” would both wear a size medium, or avoid purchasing/ wearing specific dogwear (like a harness), as they are ill-fitting (and probably slip through and escape).

Funky Fido is your new tinker tailor.. we specialise and pride ourselves on designing and crafting dog wear that not only fits correctly, wears and washes well, but looks damn funky too!

Sure, most dogs do fit within our FF size range of small to extra-large.

BUT.. we recommend you complete our sizing card.. and every time you order from us, we’ll make sure your dogwear fits!

AND if we need to custom fit, you will pay no extra than the “traditional expected size”.  We’re friendly, and we’re personal.. and always happy to answer questions.

So… the only thing left to do.. is go walkies down to Funky Town., and explore the huge selection of unique and excitingly different designs and products we handcraft right here in Melbourne, Australia.  From collars and leashes, to the most comfortable, practical and sylish harnesses you’ll ever own. 

Funky Fido is the new paws on the block.. we’re proud Aussies and source our materials locally as much as we possibly can, including webbing, clips and fasteners.

And we’d love to get to know YOU!

So, go on, send us some “pee-mail”, join our pack, and never wear ill-fitting “clothes” ever again!

Oh, and don’t forget to follow our daily Westie adventures on Instagram @funkyfidos

Love, woofs and waggles,

Mummy J, Jasper and Winnie

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